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Xiao Chuan Dian offers various classic dishes inspired from the cuisine in Northern China. We are happy to introduce the delights of delicious Northern Chinese cuisine to the Palisades Park community.
One of our best-selling dishes is our mini skewers that have been made after extensive tasting and trying from various parts of China. The meat is cut to mini bite-size pieces, meticulously threaded onto the skewers and grilled over a flame at just the right temperature to create the most tender and chewy experience.
Xiao Chuan Dian has been recognized for its outstanding Chinese cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Try the various dishes of Northern China here in Palisades Park!



Our grilled lamb skewers is one of our most popular dishes at Xiao Chuan Dian. It is an iconic street snack in Northern China. In the summers, you will see people holding skewers in one hand and beer in the other. It is a very popular dish in China which we have brought right here to Palisades Park.

Lamb skewers are similar to Middle Eastern style lamb kebabs but differ in the size of the cut and the way they are seasoned. They are thoroughly marinated with different spices and grilled over a flame in small batches, to be eaten right off the grill.

Taste the delightful aroma and texture of the finest skewers! Xiao Chuan Dian offers a variety of different skewers including beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, etc. Come and take your pick of skewers!


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A place where food and coziness compliment one another. View our selection of tasty dishes.

Chinese Food

Xiao Chuan Dian offers a selection of authentic dishes inspired from the best Chinese restaurants in the northern region of China. With its distinct strong taste and hearty flavors, Northern Chinese cuisine is a must-try for Chinese food lovers! Northern cuisine is influenced by the region which is known for its harsh and cold winters, and hot summers, thereby making salt and calorie replacement more important. Popular seasonings include soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, scallion, ginger, leek, chili peppers and sesame oil. These ingredients are skillfully combined to create a rich and tasty dish.

Enjoy China’s top northern cuisine here at Xiao Chuan Dian!

Explore Our Menu!

A place where food and coziness compliment one another. View our selection of tasty dishes.

Happy customers

I visited this place with my family as a friend of mine. I ate sweet and sour pork and maratang and it was delicious. Sweet and sour meat was unusual but crispy, sweet and sour. Maratang was eaten elsewhere and disappointed in the past, where it was addictive and delicious.
Ray Cho

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This restaurant you go to if you know what you want. Known for the skewers, it’s important to order plenty so you can try different types. Service is above average and the food is great. Definitely give this place a try!
Somi mac

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One of my favorite places to eat during the cold season. The skewers here are legit and done right. Skewers come pretty much cooked and you get charcoal in the middle of the table to finish the skewers off at the table. I tend to stick with the beef and lamb skewers here. The rest are just ok for me. The other kitchen dishes are also all very good here. Would highly recommend the cold noodle. Can’t get enough of that every time we come.

Alex Y.

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